Animals, Pets & Wildlife

Pet owners should be aware of the following basic rules:

The maximum number of dogs and cats that may be kept on premises is four, of which you may only have three dogs.

Dogs and cats are required to have current rabies vaccinations.

For nuisance wildlife problems contact the Division of Wildlife @ 303-866-3437.

For nuisance wildlife removal contact Colorado Animal Control & Wildlife Removal.

Animals taken to the pound are taken to Foothills Animal Shelterlocated at 580 McIntyre Street Golden, CO, 80401.

For concerns regarding domestic animals, please contact your Neighborhood Services Officer or any of the Denver Metro area animal shelters.

Keep all food sources for wildlife picked up outdoors. This includes trash, dog food and cat food.

If you encounter a coyote, haze them: Make noise, lots of it. Throw rocks, sticks or anything you can find. Carry a stick, blow a whistle, make them unwelcome. A coyote could confuse you or your pet as prey. Be aware! Report the sighting, if you feel threatened.