Municipal Court

Arraignments & Trials

The Sheridan Municipal Court sessions for arraignments (first appearance) are on Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to approximately 7:30 pm.

The doors open at 5:30 pm for early check-in. Court is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Trials begin upon completion of all arraignments at approximately 7:30 pm.


The City of Sheridan accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover for payments of a Traffic Violation. There is a 2.5% fee added to each transaction. To pay your ticket over the phone, contact the Municipal Court Department at 303-762-2200.

For your convenience, the City of Sheridan has a payment drop box for all Traffic Violation or Court related payments. The drop box is located outside of the Sheridan Municipal Center's Main Entrance off of Oxford and S. Hazel Court It is brown in color and is posted with specific signage.


Parking is available on the west side of the city hall building. Parking in the traffic circle is limited to 20 minutes or to vehicles appropriately marked as handicapped. It is recommended that you park in the lot and not in the traffic circle.

Main Entrance

The main entrance to the city hall building is on the west side of the building adjacent to the traffic circle.

Photo Radar Tickets

ACS handles the City of Sheridan's Photo Radar and Red Light Tickets. If you have questions or concerns regarding a Photo ticket, please contact ACS at 1-877-798-0032.

Photo Radar and Red light tickets can be paid online. You will need your Citation Number and the PIN number included on your ticket in order to access the site. ACS does charge 3% to use a credit card.


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